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    Hi, my name is John Godwin and I am new to the forum. I am very keen on making new contacts and friends within the Film/animation groups, and i would like to know where are all the events and meet ups are , pls tell me because i am very interested. Thank you.

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    Do you mean britmovie meet ups?

    There is a meet up in March. Check out the off the topic section, although that will be a casual affair.

    For more specialist events check out the 'dates for your diary' section.


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    Not sure what part of the country that you live in. There are numerous clubs and societies which dabble in film making.

    I belong to The Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers website We are members of the IAC which covers the whole country website which lists its members.

    There are also film festivals held in some towns.

    Apart from that, I back up what Faginsgirl has said.

    Good luck.

    Alan French.

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