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    best film ever, it was sad ,funny, and moving , dealing with the rollercoaster ride of feelings of losing someone you love suddenly, wipes the floor with the American film ghost ,based on a similar topic.

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    I can never hear that Bach concerto without thinking of that movie. And Jaimie's friends must be on-line reading about movies. Eesh. Spooky. I love it too.

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    I will never forget seeing a preview of this film in New York and the large number of people who left the Theatre before the film had finished. Though I liked it, I found it didn't quite hit the mark for me.

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    The DVD of this goes for a fair bit on Ebay

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    I can remember watching Truly Madly Deeply when it was first on TV. What a gamut of emotions for me as well as Juliet Stevenson. I thought that Ghost was very good but it couldn't compare with TMD. Could you imagine Demi Moore with a snotty nose and tear swollen eyes? Not likely. That was pouring her very self into the role of a bereaved lover. A great actress was needed for that Part and Juliet Stevenson was that actress.

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    I liked it very much too. It was all the minor characters that really made it for me. The sister. The South American girl who had a baby. The pest control guy. It was so well cast.

    I also liked the London locations. It was full of atmosphere.

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