I've been searching for some TV episodes which seemingly have never been released on DVD. I'm hoping that perhaps somebody may have taped these clips at the time or may have some information about where else I might look.

I've been desperately trying to trace a cartoon which was broadcast on Channel 4 on August 31st 1987 as part of their Japanese season. The cartoon was called 'Little Girl on the Farm'. A sequel was shown a week later called 'Little Girl Goes to School'. Channel 4 have not kept a copy as they did not own the rights and the company that did hold the rights no longer has a record of it. This cartoon was an English dub of the original Japanese anim� 'Katri, Girl of the Meadows'. This one-off was the only English version ever produced.

I'm also looking for two cartoons which were broadcast during the summer (July/August) of 1991/1992 on TCC (The Children's Channel) They were Eastern European short cartoons and were dubbed into English. The English dubs seem not to have survived.

The last clip was from CITV in 1993 and has never been released on DVD. It is an episode of The Lodge (a dark and stormy night).

Any suggestions or help would be most welcome.