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    Another Ealing comedy to enjoy. It`s on BBC2 on July 23 and runs from 12.35 - 13.55.

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    Watched this again yesterday, still the same tired old print that has been shown before. This must be the last of the main Ealing comedies not to have had a full restoration carried out - hopefully one day.

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    I've recorded it, one of my favourites. Alastair Sim is wonderful in it and George Dixon as a crook, just priceless.

    Wonderfully nostalgic film and a great backdrop of London as it was not long after the War.

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    I recorded it and watched it last night. It's a good while since I last saw it, and I'd forgotten what a little gem it was (apart from the one episode of slightly hammy acting from the otherwise brilliant Harry Fowler - when he was being beaten up). In many ways it has become the 'poor relation' of the Ealing Comedies, being largely overlooked when a series is shown on TV, which is a shame because, as well as a decent comedy film, it is an historical documentation of post-Blitz London and the way the children of the time used it as a vast adventure playground - Health and Safety not being an issue in those days.

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