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    1959. The Witness – Dermot Walsh/Greta Gynt
    1959. Wrong Number – Peter Reynolds/Lisa Gastoni
    1958. Man With a Gun – Lee Patterson/Rona Anderson
    1958. The Long Knife – Joan Rice/Sheldon Lawrence
    1957. Man In The Shadow – Zachary Scott/Faith Domergue
    1955. Dial 999 – Gene Nelson/Mona Freeman
    1955. Little Red Monkey – Richard Conte/Rona Anderson
    1952. Wide Boy – Sydney Tafler/Susan Shaw

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    What i want to see released is the ITV playhouse adaptation of The Gate of Eden.
    i could get a copy from Granada but it would cost me about �160.00.
    i have asked Network if they would look into it but as yet nothing :-(

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    I don't see why a vintage pop film can't be released on DVD just because Jimmy Savile appears in it. There are films about Adolf Hitler on the television all the time and what he did was a million times worse than what Savile has been accused of doing.

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    The Masks of Death (1984), a TV Movie, which has been released on Video - but never released on DVD, it would be great to see a remastered version of The Masks of Death.

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