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    Lowbrow for some perhaps, but one of the most popular Proms is the one featuring music from DOCTOR WHO. This year's (first played and broadcast on 13th July) was mainly Murray Gold stuff from the 21st century series, but the highlight for me was the nod back to its 20th century music, some just soundtrack recordings but a few played "live" by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. It was particularly good to hear Martin Slavin's "Space Adventure" (used in Cyberman stories and "The Web of Fear" in the 60s) and Dudley Simpson's music from "City of Death".
    Good old Dudley, aged 90, had come over from Australia and was at the Prom and it was heartening to hear the applause he received when it was announced he was present. It's just a shame they didn't play more of his music and, indeed, that nearly all of his incidental music tracks from the 60s and 70s have been wiped. (Where have I heard that before?).
    Murray's "Song for 50" was a pretty horrid tuneless piece in my opinion.

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    Agree everything there. I recorded the prom from the radio and I will use parts as soundtracks for the video diaries I make for my grandchildren particularly a Sci Fi obsessed 10 year old. It is good to see the 'jobbing' composers of music to accompany video acknowledged publicly for their skill and not just for the cash it will rake in.

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