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    I received an email to say that 'The Ballad Of Tam Lin' is to be released in BluRay in September this year (2013). Neglected for decades it is a bit of an enigma as into which category it fits! Horror? It certainly is an oddity! However, beautifully shot with many well known Brit actor's. Ava Gardner is the Diva of the film-directed by Roddy Mc Dowall.I saw some scenes being shot for this film around this month in (1969)-the scene where Stephanie Beacham ask's Joanna Lumley: "Someone wanted this puppy"-I was stood by an irate continuity woman furiously taking notes. Some find the film an intriguing pyschedelic adventure in an end of the 60's way-which dips into withcraft?

    Anyhow, it currently has it's review on amazon UK.


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    It's always interesting (if a little alarming) to see Richard Wattis shake off the chains of the Civil Service and he's very good in this.

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    A few publicity shots of the stars are to be found on Mirrorpix. Not sure if the occasions were just prior to the initial production or the curtailed release. Here's one example

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