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    The film TEMPTATION HARBOUR, starring Robert Newton, Simone Simon and William Hartnell, will hopefully be shown this October here: I say hopefully because it was slated for showing there in Folkestone back in spring 2012 and for whatever reason was cancelled. British and American film noir enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting any opportunity to see this film for many years. Not available for viewing in any way, shape or form except for a print that has recently been restored by the BFI, the film has been cited as one of the finest British noirs of the Forties by film scholar and author Andrew Spicer. I for one would appreciate the chance to finally see this film. Alas, I'm quite a distance from Folkestone (Detroit, Michigan, USA) and will not be able to attend. However, if the BFI is sitting on a serviceable print I suggest that forum members contact someone there and beseech them to release it on DVD and/or Blu-ray. If enough of a clamor is raised then maybe they'll respond favorably and grant us our wish.

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    As the copyright of this film is now owned by Studio Canal, it may be one of the 450 titles leased by them to Network for dvd release in the UK. Some great rarities have already been released, hopefully this will follow. The companion film "Night boat to Dublin" has already been released by Studio canal.

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    I saw this at the NFT a few years ago. It's not bad though it's not the best film in which Robert Newton locks up and taunts his enemy and is outwitted by a camp police detective

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    You're not thinking of Obsession, are you?


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    Thanks for the heads-up, I work in Folkestone so will have to pop along and see this!

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