This was posted on the imdb board and I assume by the description this is a British movie. It sounds completely crazy.

My friend Paddy recalls seeing a movie which to this day his says is his favourate film...all he can remember is the plot... can anyone help?.

Its in Black and White

Starts off in the west country

A central character ( a simple man) who loves a local girl called Bess, she doesn't acknowledge him as he isn't wealthy.

Bess is kidnapped and transported to another country and sold into prostitution...he meanwhile makes something of himself and searches the world looking for her.... till in a foreign land he finds someone who knows where she is but his contact tells him that "he wouldn't want to know her now as she is a fallen woman" but he will not relent and utters the immortal line "Not my Bess!" .

Paddy has looked and looked for the film but has had no luck, any thoughts?