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    We watched the Film version on Film 4 last week. Which clashed with a re-run of the BBC version from 1979.
    I was a bit disapointed. It can be difficult to transfer a long TV drama and book to film but it was over 2 hours long.
    If I had not watched the BBC version it could have been difficult to understand in parts. Also the generated images gave it a rather budget feel.
    I guess that as the film was had to reach a larger audience the slightly grittier atmosphere of the TV series had to be changed.

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    The movie was a disaster. In the entire two hours, there was only about 40 seconds devoted to the character of the mole until the very end of the movie when he was sprung on the audience out of the blue. A 1.5 seconds look exchanged between him and another character was meant to suggest a gay relationship at one time. Anyone seeing this movie would have felt cheated with overlong red herrings and many would have left the cinema confused about what they had just seen.

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