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    Released as one of several Hitchcock films in blu ray, this penultimate film is far from one of his best but still is an entertaining if rather salacious movie. Rather accurately described by Leslie Halliwell as: "An old man's sex-suspenser", it clearly is Hitch getting to put in the kind of sexual nudity and violence that he always hinted at in earlier films but would never have got away with until the 70's but still has lots of little Hitchcockian touches that shows he wasn't quite done yet.

    Nevertheless, this is a gleaming version that looks great on a HD screen that make it a bargian at �8. It also has an excellent "making of" documentary shot in 2000, featuring interviews with Jon Finch, Barry Foster and Anna Massey as well as screenwriter Anthony Schaffer and is full of great anecdotes and behind the scenes footage and stories.

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