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    Hi folks - my Dead of Night research continues...

    I'm curious to know a little more about the actor Robert Wyndham who played the part of Dr. Albury in DoN. Wyndham appeared to have only one hand. Can anyone verify this?

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    I didn't know about that, but I recently watched Robert Wyndham in Champagne Charlie made a year before and I did notice there was something odd about his arm in a few of the scenes, so maybe.

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    Hmmm...found something interesting in a book entitled "Wings Over Nazeing" by Leslie Kimm:

    Robert Wyndham got into aviation in the early thirties; he not only did exhibition parachute jumps for a flying circus, but he also learned to fly and became a test pilot. He had many accidents during his flying career, and in January 1939 wrote an article for The Listener, a radio magazine, entitled "How to Break Every Bone in Your Body." He was extremely dedicated in what he did, but a constant source of worry to his parents who did not always know exactly what he was up to. However, he survived, and even with the loss of his left arm could not be persuaded to give up his somewhat dangerous lifestyle.

    I found one photo online, and even though he is wearing a flying helmet and goggles, it sure likes like the actor in Dead of Night. Given the fact he played an RAF pilot in For Those in Peril, coupled with the noted hand oddity, I am certain this is the same person!

    Also found this newspaper article from The Straits Times, 21 August 1947:

    EASTBOURNE, Wednesday [20 Aug 47]-The body of a one-armed man clad only in bathing trunks was washed ashore at Pevensey Bay this morning. It is believed to be that of a London actor and producer, Robert Wyndham. He was found on the beach by a local fisherman. Wyndham was an ex-RAF pilot and broke into British films during the war. He appeared in "For Those in Trouble," [sic!] "Champagne Charlie," "Dead of Night" and "The Captive Heart." He lost his arm in an air crash while filming "Test Pilot."

    This ties in with the IMDb listing of him dying in 1947 in Sussex. Can't quite find his birth records--a couple promising hits, but his death records states Robert A. Wyndham, September 1947 at Hailsham, Sussex. Makes sense, as only a few miles from where his body washed up. No mention of parachuting in the brief Reuters article, but seems likely they are the same person. How many one-armed, aviation-minded Robert Wyndhams could there have been? The only film entitled Test Pilot I know of is the 1938 MGM film. Was there a British film of this title?

    Wyndham also apparently appeared on a UK 72p stamp around 2008, too.
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