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    I am a French-speaking Belgian. English is not my native language, please excuse my mistakes.

    I'm looking for a caper/heist movie.

    In the late 70s, looking to the Belgian television I saw a large number of "English" films, there are one I've never found the title.

    I think i'ts in color, but I could be wrong. Are we already had a color TV back then?

    The first begins with the image of a double decker bus that runs in London. We see a sniper rifle and then a tire of the bus that exploded. He made a hole in the road and repair workers come.
    It is actually a group of men that goes through the pipes of drinking water (SCUBA) to take the gold from the bank England. They empty the golden pyramid from below.
    Finally, he does not profit from their money because the pound depreciates.
    The last frame looks like the first, except that the bus rolls into a city in South America.

    It's not "Sette volte sette" Michele Lupo. It's maybe a "fake" british film (like "spaghetti western" are "fake" US film). Maybe it's a TV movie ? I never see it again.
    If any of you can help me find this movies, or just is name, it would be great.

    Thank you in advance


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    You have already asked about this. Check the response here


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