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    I remember this programme from the mid eighties (not to be confused with the Leo McKern documentary on the same subject ) about the old "Pals" battalions, featuring many interviews with surviving veterans and also the haunting songs like "When this bloody war is over". It was the most moving programme I have ever seen on this compelling subject.
    Does anyone have a copy please?

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    Did you see the one this evening on ITV (London at least)
    Brothers in Arms: The Pals Army of World War One
    ITV1 22:15 to 23:15
    Documentary telling the epic story of the young men who joined up together, fought together and died together during the First World War in the Pals battalions of Kitchener's Army. Through a unique collection of filmed interviews with veterans in their nineties or over 100, these old soldiers recall vividly how they volunteered with their friends in the first days of the conflict. They remember the heroism and heartbreak of the trenches as they went over the top with their mates. On the centenary of the conflagration that became known as the war to end all wars, this is a tribute to a generation of young men distinguished by their sense of patriotism, duty, comradeship, loyalty and courage.


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