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    I'm after the name of a film I haven't seen in years. Only saw it once on TV and it's just popped back in my head.

    Basically at the beginning there's a guy who gets shot and buried in concrete. I was a kid when i saw this, so it stuck in my mind.
    The scene is that they're at a construction site and there's a group of men surrounding this guy and he's standing over a hole, gets shot, thrown in and a cement mixer pours concrete over him.

    Later he comes back to life (somehow, i can't remember) he's a mortal (not a ghost or anything) but i remember him being trained or something like a ninja or something by another man. To exact revenge?

    There's another shot or scene later on when he's walking between buildings on narrow scaffold.

    that's all i can remember.

    any ideas?


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    Could be "Remo, Unarmed And Dangerous" or "Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins". Mid 80's action flick set in the USA and first in a series of big screen films that didn't happen. Starred Fred Ward as Remo and Joel Gray as the teacher. Penultimate directed film by Guy Hamilton.

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