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    Thriller starring Rosamund Pike, Ben Afflek and British born Emily Ratajkowski.

    The two main stars are married and on their fifth wedding anniversary RP goes missing. Eventually BA becomes the main suspect and it turns into a media circus.

    I do not want to spoil it anymore. It is virtually two and a half hours but kept me enthralled throughout.

    For lovers of mysteries and thrillers, you will really enjoy this.

    Thought it was great and Rosamund Pike is excellent,always liked her but didn't realise she could be this good. There will be awards for her performance.

    9 out of 10

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    Before I watched This film I decided to look at some of The comments from people who had seen it, Firstly, That was a mistake on My part, 90 % said They would not recommend it and it was utter rubbish, That sort of thing, after watching Gone Girl, I have to say I Thoroughly enjoyed The film, And Secondly I would definitely recommend it 10 / 10
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