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    Around 1995 my great aunt at the time in her late 70's was waffling on about this old British film (30's/40's) that she saw as a girl. She was laughing hysterically about a sequence in which some school girls are throwing something (paper?) overboard from the deck of a ship. That's all I remember. Alas she's long gone now so I can't ask her. If anyone on Britmovie knows it will prove my belief that this is the greatest website,with the most knowledgeable film fans, in the world. X

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    I wonder if it was the opening scene from a delightful knockabout comedy set in Jamaica[?] called Heat Wave.

    There is a funny little man called Albert Speed (who sells vacuum cleaners?] and has to outwit the villains. And Anna Lee sits around looking exquisite and speaks in a perfect Roedean accent.

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