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    I'm looking for facts and historical context, not star name-dropping - which is the best book?

    Shepperton Babylon: the lost worlds of British cinema - Matthew Sweet

    The Shepperton Story; The History of the World Famous Film Studio - Gareth Owen

    Shepperton Studios: An Independent View - Derek Threadgall

    Shepperton Studios - with bonus region-free DVD - Morris Bright

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    The Threadgall book is probably the least showbizzy. Sweet's book isn't specifically about Shepperton and the Bright book is a huge coffee table tome with interviews and large pictures, but also a fairly detailed production chronology. The Owen book comes in somewhere around the middle.

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    I have the Bright and Owen books so can't say about the other two except I'll keep an eye out for them. I would agree with the above about the two I have and go with the Gareth Owen. Shepperton seems to get a raw deal in the book department when you think about how many pictures have been made there. In Patricia Warren' British Film Studios An Illustrated History Shepperton only gets 12 pages a lot less than Pinewood or Elstree. Having been to all three studios (from the 60's) I must admit that Shepperton seems more like an industrial estate than dream factory. I can't say about how it was in their 40's and 50's hayday but would love to hear from anyone who could.

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