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    I've got vague memories of something that I thought was a 'Hammer House Of Horror', but it wasn't, and I only remember odd flashes of it. A man and woman are at home and all sorts of crazy things start happening (most of which I can't remember), but at some point a policeman calls round because of the noise or something. There's something to do with an ornate, old-fashioned style birdcage.

    The story ends with the couple waking up, both pretty freaked out, and they realise they'd both been having the same dream. But...then the man goes outside as the policeman who'd called round is cycling past, and he says something about the night's disturbance ("I hope we won't have any more trouble from you" or something). He goes back inside looking shaken up, then his wife opens a door in the house and there's an old woman holding the birdcage from the 'dream'. She screams, there's a freeze-frame and the credits roll. The End

    I've googled all the relevant words, but nothing. It was British, I think it was on on a Saturday night, and it would have been around 1980.

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    No idea, but I love your user name.

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    wonder if it could have been a Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense instead ?

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    I think this is a story Called In Possession directed by Val Guest starring Carol Lynley. Made in 1984 an episode of Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense.

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    It also sounds like the episode of OUT OF THE UNKNOWN called "The Uninvited", which dates from 1970. However, it was written by Michael J. Bird, who re-wrote it as the "In Possession" episode of HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE, which probably is the version you remember.
    Sadly, the OUT OF THE UNKNOWN episode now only exists in audio form.

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    Well done, insighthammer. I've just had a look at some of it on YouTube and there is a birdcage:

    The ending is identical to a film I watched recently, the similarly-titled House of Mystery, starring Jane Hylton and Peter Dyneley. Oddly enough, Christopher Cazenove (Carol's husband in In Possession) played Peter's son in the Thriller episode K Is for Killing - which I also watched recently.

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    It'a slo the same plot as Michael Armstrong's DREAM HOUSE, which was shot in 1979 as a stand alone short but eventually ended up as part of his classic exploito-trash anthology SCREAMTIME (1983) More recently, he's remade it yet again, as PSYCHOSIS (which he didn't direct but was a consultant on) with Charisma Carpenter and Justin Hawkins.

    It's been used a lot, in other words. But the birdcage version is definitely IN POSSESSION. The woman is Vivienne Burgess and her husband (Bernard Kay) kills her pet birds before drowning her in the tub, locking her in a trunk and then claiming to her relatives that she's disappeared. Lynley and Cazenove can see them, but not the other way round.

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