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    Hi All,
    I am trying to find the title of a TV Film Drama/Thriller, i think around the 80's.

    A family are on a touring camping holiday in France in a Caravan/Campervan and meet with a stranger on a campsite with whom they feel uncomfortable.

    As they go south, at every campsite he is either there or turns up and parks up near them.

    The end of the film, he kidnaps the teenage daughter and holds her captive in a basement.

    the rest is a little vague, she breaks free with the help of her parents, i seem to remember someone got killed at the end with an axe.

    Hopefully someone remembers

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds a bit like Bon Voyage but this was only made a few years ago:

    Another synopsis of it I read suggests that one of the characters does attack with an axe at some point!

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    Hi Euryale,
    Thanks very much for your response.
    It does sound very similar to the Film, although i don't recall the car chase or the boy being knocked over.
    There again i must have the date wrong as well!

    but thanks again.

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