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    Watch out for this James Mason spy thriller on Movies4Men on Thursday 19th March at 13.00. I already have quite a good copy, but its never had a UK DVD release to my knowledge, although there is a Region 2 Spanish (I think) disc available. According to one of my books, there are 3 directors credited - Victor Hanbury, Lance Comfort, and Max Greene !.

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    it is a mystery why this film,made by RKO Radio has survived whereas the same company's Squadron Leader X is a lost film.

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    The transfer on Movies4Men is somewhat out of focus, like a lot of the films shown on that channel and watching it tends to give me eye strain after ten minutes. Whoever did such a poor transfer is pretty hopeless at his / her job.

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    The Spanish DVD is very good. And I do enjoy this film, as it's one of the few I know of that features the Zeiss Ikon Contax camera as a major part of the plot. Trouble is finding an identical model of this camera would be a huge co-incidence as, in its short life from 1932 to 1935, there were seven different versions made as Zeiss Ikon refined the major flaws.


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    tbh I find Movies4Men pretty much unwatchable. The picture quality is abysmally bad.

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