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    Hi there.

    I need some help identifying a crew member on a production that I am currently involved in some archival work on, and after a lot of dead ends and wrong turns figured I might ask the knowledgeable people on this board for some help. I have attached a still picture of him.

    I know he was involved with a few productions around London in the mid to late 90s, both as a soundman and possibly as Director of Photography as well. The productions were film based, and shot on 16mm. Further enquieries led me only to a brief description from people involved with the project at the time; "Yes, they remembered him. A sweet guy, believed to be a legend in the industry, might have gone to Woodstock". No name to solve the mystery.

    I would be eternally grateful for any tips or leads in helping identify him. Feel free to PM me.

    Best regards,
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