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    In another thread ( I described how I had projected an uncut 35mm I.B.Technicolor print of "From Russia With Love". It was part of 007 re-issue double bill that I helped project at my local Odeon in Rayners Lane sometime in the early seventies. This rare print was Bond producer Harry Saltzman's personal print and was struck, in 1963, prior to the BBFC's request for cuts. I mentioned in the thread some bits that I recall that I had not seen before. I was aware at this time that the film had gone through further 'modifications' as a result of the introduction of the 'AA' rating in 1970. Before 1970, no child could be admitted to an 'A' rating (which 'Russia' had been granted since 1963) without being accompanied by a parent or guardian. Due to the introduction of the 'AA', children could now go in to an 'A' in the cinema unaccompanied.
    As a result, the BBFC requested further minor alterations.
    Thanks to m35541, he enlightened me to further cuts made in 1963.
    I decided to elaborate on this and have illustrated below what was cut.

    A) In 1963, the following dialog between Bond and Tatiana in the bridal suite was removed. If you study the scene (illustrated by frame grabs below), one can sense from the cut that there could be extra dialog:

    The next scene is a brief exchange between Bond and Tatiana aboard the train. Bond's line (bracketed) is removed and his action pulling down the blind:

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    C) The following adjustment was made in 1970. Bond's groan, as described in the script was drastically reduced in volume, but is still heard on the soundtrack:

    D) The following cut, made in 1963, was during the scene on the train between Grant and Bond. Grant reveals to Bond the contents of a reel of film secretly taken of Bond and Tatiana in the bridal suite and pays him a compliment on his performance (bracketed):

    The screengrab below illustrates just as Grant says the line "What a performance!":

    E) When I saw the uncut print, I noticed several shots added to the Bond/Grant fight on the train (removed in 1963). Unfortunately the script I have does not document the missing cuts.
    F) The final scene is of Bond and Tatiana. Bond pulls the film from his pocket and pays an acknowledgement to grant with the line (bracketed) "What a performance!". This, probably is the most offensive cut made in the film:

    There were some other requests made by the BBFC (list supplied by m35541, reproduced below) but was unable to sufficiently illustrate them:

    R2 - Remove remarks about "lovers" and "physical enjoyment". (this appears to be during Klebb's initial briefing of Tania)
    R5 - Shorten the gypsy dance, removing as many of the shots as possible where she is wriggling her stomach or bending right over backwards. Very considerably shorten the fight between the two women.
    R6 - Remove the shot where Tania is seen walking nude towards the bed. (this cut appears to have been waived after a ‘gauze’ was added to fog the image)
    Remove the reference to "searching" her, and shorten the kissing between her and Bond in bed, and remove her remark "I hope I came up to expectations". The episode in which men take photos of the two in bed should be shortened and darkened.
    *R7 - In "Was I as exciting as all those Western girls?" change "was" to "am".
    R8 - Remove shot of Bond lowering the blind and his remark "Two hours should straighten this out!"
    R10 - Remove Grant's remark "What a performance". (referring to film of Bond and Tania in bed)
    Shorten the fight between Bond and Grant.
    R13 - Shorten the visuals and sounds when Klebb is dying.
    Remove Bond's remark "What a performance!"

    *In R7 my script says "am".
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    Thanks very much Stephen. I was actually surprised how much of the Bond/Grant fight wasn't cut especially the use of the garrotting wire which the BBFC cut from several other films in the same period (eg William Castle's Let's Kill Uncle). ITV frequently cut this out completely when screening the film in an afternoon or early evening slot so it appeared that Grant was killed by a few slaps and karate chops.

    Dr No and Goldfinger are two other Bond films for which the BBFC cuts have not been reinstated (and also the BBFC correspondence files are lost).

    Cuts for Dr No and Goldfinger per the BBFCs register of exceptions

    DR NO (1962)

    R3 - Reduce fight between Bond and chauffeur particularly the blows when latter is defenceless and the knee-kick.
    R7 - Reduce killing of Dent to one shot, removing extra shots into Dent's back. (one extra shot into Dent’s back was retained)
    R10 - Remove "I'm sure she will amuse the guards". (substituted by “The guards will amuse her”)
    R11 - Reduce the beating up of Bond. (reduced by insertion of a dissolve)

    GOLDFINGER (1964)

    R1 - Remove the shot of Bonita getting out of the bath.
    Shorten the incident in which a man is electrocuted when an electric fire is thrown at him as he is in a bath.
    Shorten the scene of Jill and Bond in bed.

    Thunderball is the first Bond film for which the BBFC cinema cut was restored on home video and the BBFC have published their copious script comments on their website which make interesting reading.
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