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    i think it was shown as part of a channel 4 season or bbc banned
    the few bits i remember are that the main womens husband dies and her life begins to fall apart
    she has casual sex with a man who thinks she is a prostitute and she doesnt correct him instead has sex while she still wears her rain coat
    another part was when she goes to a photographer i think and opens her rain coat to reveal that she is naked

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    Sounds a bit like Belle de Jour starring Catherine Deneuve. 1967

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    If there is a skinny young bloke that wears a long leather coat - and the woman is blonde - and she's Catherine Deneuve, then it's Belle de Jour.

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    But Doc said that the woman was wearing a raincoat ...

    We might find the answer at this (raincoat-spotting!) site:

    Rainwear interest books & films - 1980s + - Rajkumar's Rainwear Club

    The most likely candidates at the moment are Fran�ois Truffaut's The Woman Next Door (France, 1981) ...

    Femme fatale Fanny Ardant wears a raincoat in several scenes, including one with sex and a murder/suicide

    ... and Eleven Days, Eleven Nights (Italy, 1986)

    The opening sequence shows an otherwise naked woman wearing a pvc mac seducing a passenger on a ferry.

    Elsewhere (Wikipedia actually) I found this summary for No Mercy, No
    (West Germany, 1981), one of Channel 4's 'Red Triangle' films:

    Veronika Christoph, the troubled daughter of uncaring bourgeois parents, has been institutionalized due to her schizophrenia. Without proper psychiatric treatment for her unearthly visions, she prowls the streets along the Berlin Wall at night in search of God, yet settles for the company of strange, exiled men.

    I remember in The Black Windmill Delphine Seyrig opens her raincoat to reveal that's she's nude before posing for an 'incriminating' photograph.
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