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    I am pretty sure that I'm not making this up, but I have never been able to find what this brit film or screenplay was - Ive never seen it since. but I remember that it was pretty good, and I would love to see it again.

    Quite a long time ago, round about 1993 or 1994, I switched on the telly one sunday evening about 6 or 7pm it must have been and watched this film/screenplay. I think it is a screenplay actually.

    It started out, as a TV crew were setting up to film a series featuring secret little suburban gardens, and the lives/loves of suburban gardeners. this seemed to bring together a very mixed group of gardeners each of whom seemed to have different reasons for gardening. there were frictions between characters and flirtations, allusions to old feuds, unrequited loves etc - the "usual" back stories I guess.

    the story then seemed to focus on one chap in particular who I guess was one of the gardeners or garden owners in question, and I think the female TV producer character sort of fell for him a bit. he was single, tall mysterious character, and I think his job was repairing antique clocks, but he had an interest in astronomy, and space rockets too. he had a telescope for stargazing, and a sort of lavalamp rocket decoration.

    I guess this relationship developed a bit, and my memory of the intervening bit is unclear, but I think there was suggestion of "bodies in the garden", and the police got involved, so the idyllic garden scenario turned sour with the arrival of forensics tents etc.

    the denouement was that the clock repairer chap disappeared and then the police turned up bodies in his garden which were made of roots. it transpired that he had been growing plant-people - ie, an innocent occupation, rather than killing people and burying the bodies. (guess that was a sort of twist). then the female producer discovered a note that he had left, which directed her to his telescope which had been left pointing at some preordained part of the sky., and so it transpired that he was a kind of a gardening alien chap and his gardening had been discovered so he took off in his model rocket and was travelling space looking for another planet or something.

    I realise that the above paragraphs sound a bit disjointed and somewhat nonsensical but that is the film or screemplay as I remember it. I cannot remember any of the actors that were in it, but the type of production it was, they would have been of the Kevin whately calibre: really good actors but not known outside the UK likely. I would put money on it being a canal plus or BBC2 production.
    I don't remember there being any adverts so it was very likely on BBC. the quality and subject certainly would lend credence to it being a BBC production I guess.

    I cannot be certain that I didn't actually just fall asleep in front of the TV and dream the whole thing up, but I have never done that before or since, so I think it likely that it actually was a real program/drama/screenplay/film.
    It certainly was NOT a serial. it was a one-off.
    The way I have recalled it, it sounds a bit scifi, which I guess technically it is, but definitely mainstream drama with a quirky scifi twist. definitely not true-blue scifi material. Could easily have been an Evelyn Waugh or Roald Dahl short story adapted for screen.

    If anybody can lead me to what this production was - ideally so that I can watch it again - I will honestly be FOREVER in your debt. I would love to watch it again, or even just to know who was in it, what it was called and what it was really about.

    thanks very much in advance
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    Sir, thank you very very much indeed. this has absolutely made my century. just a little thing I know, but I have never been able to run this one to earth since probably about 1996! every few years I would have an honest effort at internet searching for it, posted on a few disparate forums.
    Thank You Very Much, from the bottom of my heart!

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