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Thread: Haya Harareet

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    Haya Harareet, beautiful actress who played Esther in Ben Hur.
    I was wondering if any knew of an address I could use to write her please? I wrote to 2 address, Heron's Flight and Batya Films, London. But they both came back as RTS.

    and did she ever have any children?

    Definitely was a favourite of mine.

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    Haya was married to the great director Jack Clayton until his death in 1995, nowhere does it mention they had kids.
    A quick check online at the 192 site reveals a Haya H. Clayton living in Marlow Bucks, so I guess she is still with us.
    Haya turned 84 in September.

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    Haya starred with Stewart Granger in the 1961 UK film The Secret Partner. Here is the quad poster for that film


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    It seems her career ended in 1964 which is when Jack Clayton was making Pumpkin Eater starring Anne Bancroft —who, I feel, resembles Haya Harareet.

    The Wiki page for Jack Clayton gives an idea why his promising career fizzled out.

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    She was magnetic in "Ben Hur" (1959).
    More than just beautiful she had a presence that lingered.
    It was all about the eyes.
    Often wondered why she was not more prominent after that.

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