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    The Hill - While I'm not the biggest Sean Connery fan I think this is by far his best work. A brilliant film dominated by some of the best 'shouty' dialogue you will hear particularly from Harry Andrews and a great turn from Ian Bannen as the sadistic villain.

    Kill List - A film that begins as a somewhat off-beat gangster film transforms into a full blown horror without you even realising it. The chase sequence in the tunnels is one of the most terrifying scenes in recent memory.

    Don't Look Now - I realise it's partly an Italian production so I hope it's still admissible here. Great performances, incredibly unsettling, even better on repeat viewings and an ending that leaves you in almost paralysed shock.

    Trainspotting - A favourite of mine since I first saw it as a child having first read the book. Excellent performances all round but what most impresses is Danny Boyle's ability to adapt a seemingly unfilmable novel to the big screen.

    The Devils - Will always be appreciative of Mark Kermode for turning me on to this one. A film with so many incredibly shocking moments that no sooner have you recovered from the last one then the next is upon you.

    That's just some of them. Apologies for being so heaving on the horror genre!

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    There are 4 films on your list that are too intense for me.The Devils sits on my shelf unwrapped and unseen.It tells us nothing about the truth of what happened,and is the Directors sick fantasy.I can so I will.
    Don't Look Now,a film highly praised by many.I started watching it,until the love scene.I just thought it was a total distraction and completely unnecessary to the story.
    Trainspotting.Well the less said about that the better.
    And Kill List,another to be given the prestigious title of the Best Genre film in years.How many times have I heard that.But then again I am not a fan of so called modern cinema,so you could accuse me of bias,particularly,as I haven't seen it.The trailer didn't exactly change my mind.

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    The Devils aside which I think is superb, I have to agree with you Sangster on the majority of TSST's choices.
    Its all subjective of course, but I thought Don't Look Now was pretentious and vastly overrated and Trainspotting was unspeakable.
    I havn't seen Kill List, bit I agree with TSST on The Hill. Great film, up there alongside The Offence as one of Connery's best performances.

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