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    Hello guys,

    My son has recently been offered a position at a small film studios PLC , He is still in his 1st year of a 3 year course.
    He was looking for a degree for (media video short film making)
    He has some tough decision making to do , and I really am unsure myself..
    His tutor has told him its fantastic new too.

    My worry is if he takes the job? Then he will only have his 1st year at university behind him ...but this job has Great prospects.
    Something he loves to do ...entails..short video editing..directing...possible video drone educating has a operator...and lots of other exciting stuff. Hands on full experience in the field he is studying now for.
    He states that he can always do his 2nd and 3rd years at uni to acquire his degree at a latter stage ...But I am unsure if its worth the risk?
    From school he took 2 years at college study and this is his 1st year university study in this field ...He will turn 19 this month.

    What your take on this situation Guys?
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    In a similar situation I chose the safer path and have regretted it ever since, chase your dreams say I

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    1. If he turned it down, would he be turning down exactly the kind of job he would be desperately hoping for once he graduated in 2019?
    2. He's right about being able to pick up his degree (or start again) at some point in the future.
    3. Don't listen to anything we say on here: we're giving life advice to a kid we will never meet, tapping away at a keyboard in between doing other things like making tea and going shopping.

    Good luck.

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    I'd say take the job as it sounds like it's what he wants to do anyway.

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    Always go for the offer now...too many regrets later...

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    Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these "It might have been"
    So go for it!!

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    In life generally, an opportunity not taken is a derision on those for whom opportunities never occur. It might be a disaster, but a chance to learn from that occasion. Tell your son I've had 25 failed relationships; so job mistakes if they ever come to it in that realm are mere happenstances

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    In the true words of Mitchell Torok's B side "Lord I wish I was a Little Bit Younger and Knew What I know Now"........ Go for it and if it cocks up which I'm sure it wont then at least you've tried your best.

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