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    I've been trying to recall the title of a short that I saw in the cinema in the early 1980s.
    It was set in a factory/workshop at a time when work had been abolished and something was needed to keep the workforce occupied.
    The premise was that Shift A came into a workshop to dismantle a vehicle engine. The next shift then rebuilt it. The next shift dismantled it and so on.
    While this was being done the workers chatted amongst themselves - about what I cannot remember. And that's about all there was to the film
    I recall that the film ended when the first shift packed up and left and the next shift came in and started to rebuild the engine.

    Although presumably set at some point in the future, there was nothing futuristic about the characters, setting, or costumes which all had a 60s/70s feel.

    I'm pretty sure that one of the characters was played by Frank Windsor though I can find nothing in his IMDB listing that fits the bill
    I think it was in colour though I am not absolutely certain
    Any suggestions?

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    I like the premise. Now imagine it as politicians trying to run the country and you've got Reality TV!

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    The original post sounds like a variation on Keith Waterhouse's "Office Life". Written as a novel in 1978, a very novel novel. Later filmed by the BBC in 1984 starring Dinsdale Landen, Jenny Agutter & Roy Kinnear.

    It's the story of someone who goes to work for a company and gradually realises that all of the different companies in the office block are all just making work for each other


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