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    This one has been bugging me for AGES! Can anybody help me with the title of the piece of music the gang are supposedly playing while at Mrs Wilberforces boarding house? Any answers appreciated, correct ones even more so! Thanks in advance...

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    MINUET by Boccherini

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    What a brilliant choice this was...If you have to pick a piece of music that says 'Ealing Film Studios' then this is it! For Elstree I would use 'The Dambusters' and Pinewood would be 'Reach for the Sky'.

    Shepperton would be 'The Third Man' and Denholm might be 'Thief of Bagdad'...what would you chose?

    Film Man

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    name='Hugo']MINUET by Boccherini

    [ame=]YouTube - Luigi Boccherini: Minuetto (classical)[/ame]


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