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    Im writing an essay about the role of women in the blue lamp, having a bit of trouble writing enough words, any help would be appreciated. do you think that there are any femme fatales characters in it, if not can you think of any british crime films between 1945 and 1950 that do.

    thanks all.

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    Googie Withers in Pink String and Sealing Wax?

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    Ms Withers again in Jules Dassin's Night and the City (1950).

    Bedelia (Lance Comfort, 1946) Socialite Margaret Lockwood poisons 3 spouses.

    So Evil, My Love (Lewis Allen, 1948) Ann Todd, a missionary's widow, is seduced by Ray Milland with whom she enters into a web of blackmail and poisoning.

    This Was A Woman (Tim Whelan, 1948) Matriarch Sonia Dresdel poisons her husband to get a richer one.

    Daughter Of Darkness (Lance Comfort, 1948) Siobhan McKenna is a nymphomaniac Irish girl persecuted by the village wifes who kills her lovers during the sexual act (phew - 1948!).

    Madeleine (David Lean,1950) Ann Todd plots to preserve her respectability by poisoning her French lover.

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