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    I've been trying for months now to remember the title of a TV movie I saw many years ago, on Channel Four - can anyone remind me what it was called?

    It was set in the late 80s/very early 90s in Britain. It started with a businessman losing his job, and to avoid letting his family down, he started robbing banks (as you do). He lived in a big detached villa, and every morning, left for "work", before knocking off a bank and coming back in the evening as normal. I can't remember who played the lead roles, although it was a cast of minor actors rather than a star vehicle (for some reason Anna Friel keeps coming to mind, but it might not have anything to do with this movie) and as far as I recall, the film ended with the bank robber being smuggled out of his house in the boot of a car.

    I can't really remember any more than that, but please tell me I haven't imagined the whole thing! I'd love to see it again, since there are only about four scenes I have any recollection of. All help appreciated in tracking this one down...

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    Hi Beavis,

    This may not be what you're after but there was an episode of the TV series TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED titled 'The Moles'(made 1982) that starred Bill Owen as a businessman who turns to robbing banks.


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