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    I have no clue who starred in the film it was a comedy, and it may not even be a british film... came out perhaps 80's or 90's

    it was 2 men detectives, that were

    always fighting....and there was a scene they were dressed as monks and

    started fighting and the nuns were all upset and passed out cause there were


    then in another scene...they got into a Ferrari and drove and the car was

    going so fast that when he drove past some people it took there clothes


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    possibly NUNS ON THE RUN but as i havnt seen the movie i cant be sure. check and try this title.

    Good luck.


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    I doubt its Nuns on the Run. That was about two criminals (Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle) posing as nuns!

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    Are you sure they were detectives? Beacause it sounds alot like - We're No Angels (1989) With Robert De Niro and Sean Penn. They are 2 criminals!

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