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    Can anyone help...this is driving me crazy, theres this bloke who keeps pigeons on his roof and he's in love with a girl who works at the the local picture house, his mum (who he still lives with) is a widow who's husband used to be a railwayman and part time villain...anyway it involves some buried loot ad a high rise block of flats has been built on the site ....AAAGH...WHAT ON EARTH IS IT CALLED? I think Reg Varney was involved or a very young Sid James.

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    The latter part of your description would fit THE BIG JOB (1965) where Sid James plays a crook, released after 15 years in jail who discovers that a multi-storey police station has been built over the place where he hid the loot. But Sid would have been 53 years old at the time, hardly very young!

    The rest of gang were Dick Emery, Sylvia Syms, Lance Percival and Jim Dale, but I don't remember the pigeons.

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    if have this on video if you would like a copy.


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