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    Hi i am new to this & trying to find the title of a british film concerning two children (Brother & sister i think!) trying to get to London to see the Queen on maybe her coronation or trouping the colour. As far as i can remember it was shot in b&w. The end result was a British bobby holding the little girl aloft to see the Queen after some struggle travelling to London. Anyone know if this film is out on any formats & the title of course. Many thanks ERF

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    This sounds very like "John and Julie" (1955) a "genial little family comedy full of stock comic characters" according to Halliwell. I remember it as a rather charming little film, with attractive Eastmancolor. Directed by William Fairchild, who also wrote it, and with an interesting cast list including: Peter Sellers, Moira Lister, Wilfred Hyde White, Sid James, and Andrew Cruickshank (the elderly doctor from Dr Finlay's Casebook). The two juvenile leads (Colin Gibson and Lesley Dudley) are very effective.



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    it sounds a very interesting film and I would like to see it. So I checked it and found that it is available in der States (try: But only on Video and only in the NTSC-system.

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