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    Here's what I think I remember: A gang of adventurous spies has to rescue some scientist from the bad guys. There is a woman. The scientist is her father. They hide out in a cool underwater pod. They are chased by a helicopter. And during all this, the 'new guy' is being tested to see if he has what it takes to join the gang.

    I found the title once many years ago by searching for things like: 'The Adventure Gang', 'Danger Gang', 'Adventure Club', and so on. Wasn't so lucky this time.

    Not even sure if it is British, but I seem to remember searching British films to find it.

    I also remember being suprised that an A-list actor was in such a B film. Can't remember who.


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    Sorry. I'm normally pretty good on this era/genre but the plot isn't familiar, and there isn't enough other detail for me to go on.

    It sounds like a children's film, but that's just from your description.

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    Sounds like "In Like Flint" with James Coburn.

    Also, could be "The Last of Sheila", which Coburn stared in also.


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