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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowdon View Post
    Rather than a sequel, why not a remake? But this time, nothing gets done to stop it because the most powerful groups simply deny the earth is actually getting any hotter and accuse the paper of scaremongering. Until it's too late.
    Nah, that's totally unbelievable


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    The world getting warmer?...Unlikely to find something like that in the Express now! Its usually about 'who killed Diana?'

    The film might be good for a remake, but you'd have to find something else to blame, other than nuclear weapons. And the idea that a typist at the Air Ministry would have a worldwide scoop now seems a bit far-fetched - the net has seen to that. Perhaps we should just leave it as it is, a classic, and mourn Janet Munro as a talent cut very short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nettles View Post
    According to the IMDB this is available on video in the US and on DVD everywhere. (Posted in 2003)
    The time when videos were still on sale in the shops seems like a different era now!

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