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    My favourite film of all time is The house in nightmare park starring frankie howerd I think I must have watched it 50 times!!! the part where the old lady nearly cuts frankies head in two and he pulls her veil off to reveal a bold head cracks me up every time...does anybody else agree with me that this is a great film?

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    i wont go as far as to say its my favorite film but its certainly one of them.

    The one-liners never stop and the best one for me is when he is mistaken for a butler and calls the woman a befeathered cow.

    Another good frankie movie is A TOUCH OF THE SUN not so poular as house but very good.

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    Hi All,

    The House in Nightmare Park has to be my all time favourite movie.

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    Yes i have to admit one of my favorites too, great film.

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