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Thread: Daybreak

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    Has there ever been a bleaker, sadder film that this 1947 drama directed by Compton Bennett, starring Eric Portman, Ann Todd and Maxwell Reed?

    Just watched this immediately after "The Upturned Glass". Geez, what a double bill!

    If I don't post here again you'll know I've taken to the razor blades!

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    Yes, 'Daybreak' is such a depressing and grim film but not without its charm. Ann Todd is very good, but Eric Portman is wonderful. HE is a GENIUS! Not one of his best - '49th Parallel' is probably his best - but I love him climbing out of the mud of the Thames.

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    Wasn't this film banned at first? So many taboos... I love the romance at the beginning between Eddie and Frankie. They're very real people and the sense of impending doom is very well created. They couldn't have cast anyone else in those roles. I've got it on video, so another viewing is in order.


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