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    Just been reading on IMDb the identical twins, Lesley and Teri Scoble made a few films together.


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    I'm pretty sure it was this film that initially scared me into being childfree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter preidel
    When the film was released my father, very proudly took me to the local cinema (Astoria in Purley, Surrey) who were very pleased to have a member of the cast there but they would not let me in to see the film as I was too young ! ! !
    That's strange, as it was an "A" certificate film (children under 16 years of age allowed in to see the film if accompanied by an adult), not an "X" film (no one under the age of 16 years allowed in to see any part of the programme).

    Your father would have been allowed to take you in, so I can't understand why he wasn't...unless the cinema that was showing it had an "X" film supporting it.

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