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    This movie was before it's time. Dealing with schizophrenia (split personality).

    "Phyliss Calvert stars as a young girl who is placed in a Gypsy curse. After she marries and as a child, develops a split personality. The movie shows her tragic life and the consequences for those who love her."

    Phyliss' leading man was the handsome Stewart Granger. Other stars were the beautiful Jean Kent, Patricia Roc.

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    I also love this film. It used to show up on late night tv in the 70's here in the States and I caught it once and always watched for it again. I thought it was such a strange story but it was very hypnotic to me. This is one of the first films I saw with Patricia Roc who I also watched for from then on. She came along again in Jassy, probably my favorite guilty pleasure movie. I used to try to get my friends to watch Jassy whenever it came on tv. This was before VCRs so one had to get up in the middle of the night to watch the movie as it never came on before 2 AM. None of them took the bait - worse luck for them!

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