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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVID RAYNER
    By coincidence, A KIND OF LOVING, which was an X certificate film, was the film that was showing at the Plaza cinema in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, when I started work there as a 15 years old trainee projectionist in 1962 and I have fond memories of the film. It seems that although I wasn't allowed to see this film as a patron, being under 16 at the time, it was alright for me to watch it from the safety of the projection room.
    As a 13 year old Red Cross cadet I got to see this film, which was restricted to over-18s:

    The Red Cross were in attendance in the cinema to administer first aid to some patrons reeling out of the auditorium during the birth scene - pretty strong stuff in glorious Easmancolor on the big screen - has anyone else seen that strange film?

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    does anyone have any comment on how women are depicted as victimc and subordinate to the male protagonist?

    That would interest me. Ive recently watched this film and while i sympathise with both parties he show little and seems to blame her alot.

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