The Golden Salamander

12:55 on Monday 13th October on Channel 4.

Suspenseful thriller about a young archaeologist who faces a dilemma when, after falling in love with a woman while on business in Tunisia, he learns of a gun-running operation which involves her brother.

The Man in Grey

13:05 on Tuesday 14th October on Channel 4.

Melodrama about a lowly governess in a wealthy 19th-century household who plots to unseat her mistress and steal her husband. Her plan seems feasible, since the marriage is loveless and her mistress has lost her heart to a young actor. The story is told is flashback from World War II London, where two descendants of the players in the drama have met.

Sailor of The King

13:05 on Wednesday 15th October on Channel 4.

World War II drama about a Canadian seaman serving with the Royal Navy who is the only survivor of a British ship sunk during a battle with a German raider. He is picked up by the German ship, but when it puts into a barren island for repairs, he escapes with a rifle and decides to try to slow down the repairs by sniping at German seamen.


01:15 on Thursday 16th October on Channel 4.

Biographical drama based on the relationship between painter Dora Carrington and eccentric writer Lytton Strachey during the 1920s. Although Strachey has thus far believed himself to be homosexual, he finds himself curiously attracted to Carrington, and the two quickly become friends. But will the couple ever be able to bridge the sexual gap that separates them?

The Mission

01:15 on Thursaday 16th October on Channel 4.

Masterly drama about Jesuit priests in 18th-century Brazil whose missionary activities are threatened by unscrupulous colonial merchants and rival factions within the Church.

The Gentle Trap

02:55 on Thursday 16th October on ITV1 London.

Butchers b-movie. After intercepting two gangsters who have just robbed a jewellery store, a crafty crook finds himself on the run from the law and the ruthless leader of the gang.

The Way to the Stars

12:45 on Thursday 16th October on Channel 4.

Psychological drama, set in the early, tense stages of World War II, which focuses on the range of emotional problems experienced by a group of young British pilots stationed in the Midlands, prior to their first mission.

The Thirty-Nine Steps

19:25 on Saturday 18th October on BBC 2.

Third film adaptation of John Buchan's classic adventure story about an innocent abroad who is pursued by the police for a murder he did not commit and by international villains for information he knows nothing of.