Films on TCM, 14th to 19th Feb.

14th Feb.

05.00am"Postman's Knock"(1961).

Director:Robert Lynn.

Stars:Spike Milligan,Barbara Shelley,and Wilfred Lawson.

Spike plays a country postman transfered to London,where he finds life and work somewhat confusing-but he manages to foil the crooks and get the girl--crazy!

02.35"Village of the Damned"(1960).

Director:Wolf Rilla.

Stars:George Sanders,Barbara Shelley,Michael Gwynn and Laurence Naismith.

Children born simultaneously in a quiet English village turn out to be super intelligent--and alien!Gently filmed but totally absorbing sci-fi...great stuff.

Also showing at 06.30,"The Secret Partner"(1961)

15th Feb.

13.00."Goodbye Mr Chips"(1939).

Director:Sam Wood.

Stars:Robert Donat,Greer Garson,Paul Henreid,Lynn Harding and John Mills.

Oscar winning performance from Donat in this wonderful romantic saga of a schoolteachers life-a long-standing favourite. Notable fact:in the year "Gone with the Wind" swept into Oscarland,Donat beat Clark Gable for best actor.

Also showing at 06.25:"The Day They Robbed the Bank of England(1960).01.40:"the Angry Hills"(1959).03.40"The Hour of 13(1952).

16th Feb.

05.00am."Kill or Cure"(1962)

Director:George Pollack.

Stars:Terry-Thomas,Eric Sykes,Dennis Price,Lionel Jeffries and Ronnie Barker.

You'd think with this plethora of British comedy talent it would be rollicking,but unfortunately,it's a trifle slow.

19.00."The Password is Courage"(1962).

Director:Andrew L. Stone.

Starsirk Bogarde,Maria Perschy,Alfred Lynch and Nigel Stock.

Decent wartime account of one man's anti-nazi exploits,quite humourous too.

03.20."A Yank at Oxford"(1937).

Director:Jack Conway.

Stars:Robert Taylor,Vivien Leigh,Maureen O'Sullivan and Lionel Barrymore.

A cocky American becomes unstuck when he enters an Oxford college-this was the first of the"British" MGM productions that went on to make "The Citadel" and "Goodbye Mr Chips". Notable fact: 31 writers(mostly uncredited)worked on this film.

17th Feb.

03.10."Bhowani Junction"(1956).

Director:George Cukor.

Stars:Ava Gardener,Stewart Granger,Francis Matthews and Bill Travers.

Last days of the Raj hokum.

Also showing at 01.15"The Night Dresser"(1971)Billed as The Roadbuilder.

18th Feb.

06.40am."The Conspirator"(1949).

Director:Victor Saville.

Stars:Robert Taylor,Elizabeth Taylor,Harold Warrender and Robert Flemying.

An army officer is a communist spy--much to the suprise of his young wife when she finds out.2nd outing for the(then) new MGM london studio.

Also showing at 05.00:"Our Mother's House".

19th Feb.

01.40."The Liquidator"(1965).

Director:Jack Cardiff.

Stars:Rod Taylor,Trevor Howard,Davai Tomlinson,Jill St John and Wilfred Hyde-White.

Bond spoof where Taylor plays a reluctant spy-good schoolboy stuff,directed by the great camera master,Jack Cardiff.

03.35."Murder,She Said".

Director:George Pollock.

Stars:Margaret Rutherford,Charles Tingwell,Muriel Pavlow and James Robertson Justice.

First(and best)Of the series of films where Rutherford plays Miss Marple,based on Chritie's "4.50 from Paddington". Notable fact:In this film Joan Hickson plays Mrs Kidder--she went on to star as Miss Marple in the successful BBC TV series.

Also showing at 06.35,"The Scapegoat"(1959).

Happy viewing! :)