Films on TCM,20th - 23rdFeb.

20th Feb.

06.30am."Murder at the Gallop"(1963).

Director:George Pollock.

Stars:Margaret Rutherford,Flora Robson,Robert Morley,Stringer Davies and Charles Tingwell.

Another in the Miss Marple series,this time she investigates an old man who is allegedly frightened to death.Adapted from Christie's novel "After the Funeral".

21st Feb.

08.20am."Tom Thumb"(1958).

Director:George Pal.

Stars:Russ Tamblyn,Terry-Thomas,Peter Sellars and Jessie Matthews.

The Adventures of the tiny little boy who,along the way,outwits two thieves, a great children's film. Notable fact:Donald o'Connor(who died last year)badly wanted the lead role,but it went to Tamblyn due,I think,to contractual obligations.

09.50."Time Bomb"(1953).Billed as "Terror on a Train"

Director:Ted Tetzlaff.

Stars:Glenn Ford,Anne Vernon,Maurice Denham and Harcourt Williams.

A train travelling to Portsmouth is sabotaged with a bomb,quite good suspense.

11.05."Operation Crossbow"(1965).

Director:Michael Anderson.

Stars:George Peppard,Tom Courtenay,John Mills,Trevor Howard,Sophia Loren,Anthony Quale,Lili Palmer,Richard Todd and Richard Johnson.(phew!)

Star studded WW2 hokum where scientists are parachuted into Europe to destroy a nazi rocket making plant.

01.05."The Hill"(1965)

Director:Sidney Lumet.

Stars:Sean Connery,Harry Andrews,Michael Redgrave,Ian Bannen and Ian Hendry.

Gritty and brutal film of a wartime British prison in the desert.Prisoners are "broken" by being made to run up the hill again and again,absorbing stuff.

Also showing at 03.25 "The Walking Stick(1970).

22nd Feb.

05.00am.:Edward My Son"(1949).

Director:George Cukor.

Stars:Spency Tracy,Deborah Kerr,James Donald and Ian Hunter.

Heavy drama of a rich tycoon and his effect on the people around him.Kerr was nominated for an Oscar.

Also showing at 06.50"The Barretts of Wimpole St"(1956)

23rd Feb.

23.35."Alfred the Great"(1969).

Director:Clive Donner.

Starsavid Hemmings,Michael York,Prunella Ransome and Ian McKellen.

Up to date(then)historical tale,with blood,guts and swearing etc.,good battle scenes.

01.50.Knights of the Round Table"(1953).

Director:Richard Thorpe.

Stars:Ava Gardner,Robert Taylor,Mel Ferrer,Stanley Baker and Anne Crawford.

Lots of pageantry and colour telling the tale of King Arthur,notable as being MGM's and Britain's first widescreen film.

Also showing at 05.00,"Action of the Tiger"(1957),06.30,"Cairo"(1963),

and at 08.00 "Barnacle Bill"(1957)billed as "All at Sea"(see posting re:11th Feb.

03.45,"Village of the Damned"(1960),(see posting re:14th Feb).

Enjoy! :)