According to Coming Soon Danny Boyle's Alien Love Triangle has been picked up by Dimension Films and is slated for a September 16th release. Dimension is, however, notorious for shifting release dates around, so I wouldn't bank on that one. Check out this synopsis:

"Steven Chesterman (Kenneth Branagh), a physics lecturer, has just discovered how to move an object from one side of the room to another. Years of research into teleportation have finally borne fruit. Elated, he returns home to tell his wife, Alice (Courtney Cox). Alice has some rather fantastic news of her own: she tells Steven that she is a male alien trapped in a human female body. Her signal has finally been intercepted and she will soon be returning to the planet Nulark. As Steven's life falls apart around him, the doorbell rings. Elizabeth (Heather Graham) enters. She has green skin and pointy ears and she is wearing a space suit. To make matters worse, she has come to take her husband, Alice, back home."

Nice. Canfield has a good sit down with Boyle just a couple days back and he assures me that he got a good bit more info on this one. And he also learned thanks to my incessant nagging - whoopsie - that the Daniel Boyle who worked on Hamish MacBeth is an entirely different person, though they do sometimes receive each other's royalty checks. Heh. Silly me. Two Scottish men with the same name working with Robert Carlyle at roughly the same time ... who knew? Anyway, I'm told that interview should be all ready and online by Monday. Transcribing is the Devil's work, so everybody be extra nice to Canfield for doing it.