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    I've seen this Peter Hall film a couple of times over the years and what a strange film it is. It's a low budget British heist caper which is so incredibly daft that I am not sure why it was made at all.

    Stanley Baker (from the Welsh shouting school of acting) plays a bank clerk who wants to rip off his employers, so he teams up with aristocratic parasite the lazy laid back Lord Dorset, played by David Warner, and his Scandinavian girlfriend Brit played by Ms Andress. The plot sort of slots together like mis-matched versions of Lego, and ambles aimlessly onwards as if they were making it all up as they went along!

    Was it a quickly made low budget con to cash in on Ursula Andress' popularity at the time (1970) and so entice an audience in to see her no matter how bad the film was (hence the frequent nude scenes)?

    Were the three main stars working on other projects at the time and for extra cash they all met up in their lunch breaks to work on this one?

    I can't think of any other reason why it was made, but I will probably need to see it again. Perhaps any fans of the film out there may be able to enlighten me.

    The film was probably just as pointless as this topic!

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    Just stumbled across a graphic for "Perfect Friday" which appears to feature Stanley Baker and Ursula Andress. Anyone seen it ?

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    Yep Billy, it's a typical 60s heist film but enlivened by Messrs Baker and Warner and in particular by the lovely Ms Andress

    Well worth seeking out if you get the chance it was directed by Peter Hall, without giving too much away Stanley Baker plans to rob his bank ( where he works ) with the aid of David and Ursula. Good fun film.

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    I enjoyed it. As dpgmel says it's good fun and, although I am a Stan fan, David Warner is the best thing in it.

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    Like the guys say, a good 'period' caper movie which benefits from good casting and is well worth seeking out.


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    Yeah good film this and I would recommend you seeking it out and Ursula Undress looked good too.

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    Fond memories of this one, as the first Stanley Baker film I saw in the cinema.

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