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Thread: Tons Of Trouble

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    My fave movie is TONS OF TROUBLE starring our Richard Hearne. Little chance of seeing this on tv again but it sure is funny! Made in 1956 Good old British comedy that has stood the test of time. The cast?

    Richard Hearne .... Mr. Pastry

    William Hartnell .... Bert

    Austin Trevor .... Sir Hervey Shaw

    Joan Marion .... Angela Shaw

    Robert Moreton .... Jevons

    Ralph Truman .... Inspector Bridger

    Ronald Adam .... Psychiatrist

    Junia Crawford .... Diana Little

    Tony Quinn .... Cracknell

    John Stuart .... Doctor

    Yes, 1956 was certainly a good year for our Mr Pastry. As it happens I do have a film of this which is nice and I expect quite rare now.

    You can get Something in the City and a few others from the states if you want to see some of Richard larking around by the way.

    Happy days!

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    As a kid, watching Mr. Pastry on TV, I used to think he was pretty silly. Now, when I see his films, I appreciate how clever a performer Richard Hearne was; his movements in films like "Helter Skelter" and "The Madame Gambles" are often quite balletic. I'm afraid I used to underrate him; many people still do.

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    Given the length of time after the original posts, I don't know whether this thread is still "live" - however, I hope it is, as I'm really keen to find out more about this film.

    Main motivation? My father wrote it.


    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Pastry Time
    I have Tons of Trouble on DVD, and I know of several 16mm prints kicking around. The one on ebay I would avoid as I know its history.

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    Hi Mr Pastrytime

    tried to send you a private message but your box is full, simply are you prepared to make a copy of Tons Of trouble and if so what would the price be please

    Regards Chris B

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    Mr Pastry is still about an he has some Pastry classics

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