BBC 4 has three film relevant documentaries on tonight if anyone's interested:

11.00pm Shepperton Babylon

Documentary examining the development of the British film industry in the 1920s and 1930s — an era characterised by scandal as the media began to exploit the public's fascination with the genre's new stars. For screen icons such as Lilian Hall Davis, the move from silent films to “talkies? spelled the end of their career, but for others, like Alfred Hitchcock, it only served to confirm their genius (888) (Stereo)

1.00am The Cinema Show

Stuart Maconie reconsiders post-war British films. He examines the work of director Carol Reed, whose films include Odd Man Out, The Third Man and The Fallen Idol, and reviews the career of actress Anna Neagle, best known for starring in romantic comedies such as Spring in Park Lane. Part of the Lost Decade season (888) (Stereo)

1.30am Animation Nation

Three-part-documentary exploring the history of British animation over the past century, beginning with a look at the role it has played in selling products and concepts. The format has often been used as a propaganda tool — the first British feature-length animation, an adaptation of Orwell's Animal Farm, was secretly funded by the CIA to send an anti-communist message. The rise of ITV in the 1950s marked a new era for the genre, with a third of all adverts on television featuring animation. Including contributions from music video director Tim Hope, Aardman's Peter Lord and Roobarb and Custard creator Bob Godfrey (888) (Stereo)