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    Back in 1989, I was watching television late one night here in the states and on PBS was this fantastic film about Michael Clark. It featured performances from his Ballet with The Fall which I beleive is titled "I am Kurious, Oranj", as well as Michael dancing in clubs (I remember a scene with him walking home early one morning after clubbing all night) Also featured were scenes with "Trojan" & Leigh Bowery(who did the costumes for the Ballet).... I jumped to record the thing, but sadly have since lost that video tape. I have been searching ever since to find it. It was like a story of the life of Michael Clark but was not really a documentary but a film. I don't know what the name of THAT film was as I came in on it late.... I DO KNOW that I am an enourmous fan of The Fall which is what stopped me on that channel that night so long ago. If anyone could direct me to a place I could purchase this film, or at least give me the films proper title I would be most grateful! Wow, I would really love to see that fabulous film's been such a long time.

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    I think what you're looking for is "Hail The New Puritan" which was shown initially on Channel 4 in the UK.

    Details here:

    No sign of a proper release though.

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